The Situation Of The Romanian Energy Market

In the present years, the government of Romania has made many changes in the energy sector. This aim was made so that the renewable energy production would improve in framework.The green energy sector has been boosted by this step. The period of validity of this act is 2032. The main driving force behind the changes being experienced in the energy market is influenced by the European community. A positive increase of 24 percent is the main aim as to why the government brought in the green certificate rule. Romania has been able to achieve the 24 percent target and what remains is maintaining the position.  The bill has also led to the inception of the green certificate in the market since it was discussed in 2014. This bill has made sure that the product gets to the person who uses it last.

This effect has been achieved by the elimination of the validity of a year from the green certificate. For the next 15 years, the green certificate is targeted to take effect in the energy market.For this reason, any situations registered during the last years will be avoided.The GCs that never managed to be sold are also included. To add on that, the mandate of acquisition of electricity or oil suppliers who have a new mechanism of static quantity when it comes to the green certificates will always be revised every two years.  For the law to take effect, the government parastatal is making all efforts to see a balance stricken. By June, the power produced increased significantly.

The certificate is issued for free to producers. Consequently, these certificates are sold in the market for other gains. The whole population is also included when the payout to the consumer is audited. The mandatory quota that promotes a system through the use of green certificates was established in 2016.  A positive increase in gross percentage has been felt in the energy sector due to the green certificate.It was a bit higher compared to the 11.9 percent produced in 2015. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the green certificate saw a rise in bills of electricity.

According to the change that is taking place, the Romanian energy industry that includes gas has been lost over 2 billion euros. Al though the investments present in 2007-2008 were many, the investments today are discouraging. The number of investors has also decreased in a very large way. Due to an influx in the production of certificates, a negative effect is being predicted a head. It is therefore up to the government to see that there is a decrease in the number of certificates being produced.

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